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The Anthony Innovation Group sees:

Visionary leadership as pivotal
Speed as a competitive strategy
Innovation as the ultimate tool
Planning for change as vital
Flawless Execution for quick/lasting success


We Help You to Master It

Simply put, most people and organizations do NOT change unless they have to. Change often makes us uncomfortable and feel insecure because it involves many unknowns and perceived risks and downsides. We help your staff from both process and psychological standpoints to understand and accept the need for change and, then to be an integral part of successful teams bringing about its desired outcome.

Our Change Model "Covers It All" and Makes it Happen For You

We provide a comprehensive change process that gets the results. We combine research, analysis, planning, communication, training, consulting, coaching, monitoring and measuring within our comprehensive, proven change model to ensure that positive change and innovation happens - effectively, efficiently and as quickly as possible. Besides all the critical analytical-based activities we so carefully plan and strive to flawlessly execute, we also devote abundant preparation into strategy and tactics focused on the human and group psychological and behavioral aspects that so deeply determine how successful your change plan and program will really be.

Comprehensive Implementation Plan & Process

Within our proprietary Creative Change Process, a successful plan and its execution are at the core. Here is just a sample of some of the activities in which we team up with your organization:
  • Carefully justify and document the case for change from (stakeholder) perspectives
  • Determine the effects on those affected by the change and likely reactions
  • Determine leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Develop a preliminary, yet compelling vision for the change
  • Create leading change teams with team leaders and define their primary functions
  • Layout preliminary change action plan with process, strategy, tactics as well as contingency activities
  • Identify parameters and measures of success with monitoring cycles and process
  • Develop a broad and deep communication system
  • Identify development, training, coaching/counseling, and other activities in order to implement the core plan

  • 1. They create the change: they are innovators
    2. They capitalize on the change: they are opportunists
    3. They reluctantly accept changes: they are strugglers
    4. They resist inevitable change: they are out of business

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