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Unique, Breakthrough System to Increase Deals Closed

Lost Deals ARE Costly to You. Whether you want to respond to an RFP or choose to submit an unsolicited proposal, losing a deal is costly in many ways: 1. Immediate revenues/profits lost; 2. Large expense of having your team work on a bid and the production costs of proposal and oral presentation development. As you know, with big deals, this can typically cost your company $50,000 - $250,000 or more! 3. Teams become demotivated and their confidence and productivity might plummet after several deals are lost in a row; 4. If you are losing more deals to a strong or innovative competitor, they grow in strength and industry reputation while your company's prestige and market share decline.

Impressive Return on Your Investment

Using our specially-designed deal-closing services, clients can (very conservatively) expect to get short-term ROIs between 300 to over 8,000 percent depending upon the size of the deal and other factors! Over the longer-term, our services typically yields several thousands of percent return on investment. One client, a major west coast energy company had received a return on their investment with our services of over 8,000 percent, while a leading international big-three accounting firm got over 12,000 percent because we helped them close one of the biggest deals in their group's 32 year history. We help you close the types of deals that you have found difficult-to-"impossible" to win.

Take Advantage of Innovations and "Bonuses"

The groundbreaking new ideas and innovations we bring to your proposal and oral presentation redesigns will spread to other areas in your company and can be used to close even more deals in other accounts. With our consulting and coaching, your sales and support people will receive the bonus of getting informal, but invaluable training. They will build strong new skills in deal planning, advanced presentation techniques, crafting and communicating ultra-compelling value propositions and learn the most important thing how to apply bold, imaginative ideas in ways that give your organization a critical competitive advantage.
How We Do It: Leveraged Innovation

We work closely with your sales/business development and marketing team to significantly "reengineer" your proposals and oral presentations so that they are vastly superior to the ones you presently have and dramatically better and more impacting -- in all aspects -- compared to those of even your most powerful competitors. We help your team to greatly improve your sales solutions, value propositions, and overall business case.
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