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No one in the industry uses our exclusive 4-part XL-E Model of strategy, creativity, psychology, and technology to create presentations with such an A-W-E and W-O-W factor


Get Your Audiences to Quickly A-C-T

People are completely fed up with sitting through boring, meaningless presentations overflowing with mind-numbing text and numbers. Audiences experiencing "death by bullets" are saying "enough already!" Your organization can dramatically shift the balance of communication from mediocre-to-magnificent by creating presentations that enable your speakers to captivate their audiences and reach their goals faster and easier. The Anthony Innovation Group (with our graphic design, multimedia, and video experts) will work with your teams to transform your current presentations into ones that are exciting, compelling, entertaining, riveting, inspiring, and most of all give you RESULTS you want right away. You want presentations that consistently get your internal people to act upon recommendations for change and improvement. And, you want impressive presentations that win more sales and advance the goals of your organization. Together with your select staff, we will craft any type of outstanding concept or solutions-based presentation such as:

Our Exclusive Process to Produce Unrivaled Results for You:

1. We precisely focus on the exact results you want from your audiences and create the content organization and supporting strategy to get those optimal results.

2. We apply our innovative slide design model that: a) uses clever "non-template templates;" b) focuses on memorable, vivid illustrations (instead of just text) to powerfully "frame" concepts, information, and plans; c) craft compelling stories, examples, and anecdotes rather than use isolated facts; d) imaginatively leverage advanced multimedia, animation and sound capabilities to make the content come alive and jump out at your audiences.

3. Psychologically engineer your presentations for both right brain and left brain processing by all four of the major personality styles in all your audiences.

4. If called for, create stunning 3-D large-format visual "Storyboards" and creative props (to replace or complement your computer presentation) to slam home key points and get quick buy-in from your audience.

5. Use video in highly novel and entertaining ways to add a rich new dimension to your messages and ideas.

6. Develop memorable and impacting metaphors and symbols to greatly speed understanding and strong acceptance of your information.

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