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Who cares what we do? We only care about the results that we deliver -- how we help our clients to exceed their goals, solve their problems or help them supercharge their operations and financial performance through our innovative services. It's all about the positive impact we make on their short-and long-term results.

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 Closing a Huge Strategically Vital Deal
SITUATION: One of the top three international accounting firms was bidding on the largest deal in their expatriate tax group's history. Their client was a prestigious international financial bank. The accounting firm estimated their chance of winning the deal at only about 5 percent because of a powerful, deeply entrenched competitor in the account. Our client told us that they were willing to take bold risks and have us create breakthrough - quantum leap - ideas to clinch the deal. Getting this business was critical to our client as it would open up large new revenue streams for them in the banking industry as a whole.
SOLUTION: We created 17 stunning (competition-busting) innovations in the way our client's proposal and oral presentation were developed, packaged, and presented to their client. We used our psychology, creativity, strategy, and technology-based model to create a rock-solid, vastly superior business case for our client to present to the bank.
IMPACT: Our client won the biggest deal in their group's 32 year history against a seemingly invincible competitor. The effect was amplified further as many of the initial innovations were utilized to close other lucrative deals with different clients. The return on their investment (based on profits over several years) by using our consulting services was conservatively estimated to be in the range of 9,000 - 12,000+ percent!
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