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Who cares what we do? We only care about the results that we deliver -- how we help our clients to exceed their goals, solve their problems or help them supercharge their operations and financial performance through our innovative services. It's all about the positive impact we make on their short-and long-term results.

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  Change management & innovation the FUN way!  
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 Starting Change Management and Innovation the FUN Way!
SITUATION: An international (California-based) oil and gas company started a change management process to improve their marketing and operations groups' effectiveness and efficiency. But instead of starting with "hard-core" consulting, training and development, the executives wanted a way to ease their people into change, justify the reasons for it and make it more palatable -- and even have them look forward to actively engaging and supporting innovation.
SOLUTION: We ran over 90 people through Event Six of our Innovation Olympics called the Creative Change Course. We transformed a hotel ballroom into a mini-amusement park/obstacle course with giant model trains, buildings, dinosaurs, robots, knights, superheroes, monsters and villains, motorized cranes, bridges, trestles, obstacles and much more! Using a remote control (RC) truck, teams had to navigate the symbolic, metaphoric course. Points were scored and winning teams got prizes in various categories related to "navigating change."
IMPACT: We had a local network TV station air the story. People had enormous fun and actually learned major concepts about change. They improved their attitudes in ways that psychologically prepped them for more in-depth, formal process improvement and other innovations.
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