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Who cares what we do? We only care about the results that we deliver -- how we help our clients to exceed their goals, solve their problems or help them supercharge their operations and financial performance through our innovative services. It's all about the positive impact we make on their short-and long-term results.

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  A multimedia "Company Story" presentation  
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  Executive coaching to win over Board of Directors

 Designing a Multimedia "Company Story" Presentation that W-O-W-S an Audience
SITUATION: A Southwest-based large financial printer wanted to dramatically upgrade their image and close more deals. They needed to brand and position themselves in a superior way and project an image as not "just a great financial printing company," but a comprehensive solutions firm that covered all the communications needs of their customers. They chose us to design a knockout presentation that made them vividly stand out from their strongest competitors. It had to be vastly superior to typical PowerPoint presentations used by other printing firms.
SOLUTION: We created a customized multimedia presentation that stunningly and imaginatively showcased our client as a strategic asset for their customers. We shot and incorporated video and digital still pictures in their company story and used captivating metaphor/symbolic-based graphics and special effects and animations to communicate their superior capabilities and industry leadership.
IMPACT: Our client's salespeople and executives had one of the finest company story presentations in the entire printing industry to help close more deals and better differentiate and position themselves.
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