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Who cares what we do? We only care about the results that we deliver -- how we help our clients to exceed their goals, solve their problems or help them supercharge their operations and financial performance through our innovative services. It's all about the positive impact we make on their short-and long-term results.

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  Advanced sales training for top producers  
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 Delivering Advanced Sales Training for a Company's Top Producers
SITUATION: A Fortune 20 company -- the most respected in their industry -- wanted to extract an extra 10-20 percent improvement from their most seasoned and successful sales professionals. These Vice Presidents and Directors, who were already considered the best performers in their industry, balked at being "trained." Our client, who was listed as one of the most innovative companies by Fortune magazine, also wanted to amplify the creativity and innovation that their sales force was known for. They selected our firm for the challenging task of designing a world-class, advanced, totally customized sales training program to achieve impressive results with an already consummately successful sales team resistant to "training."
SOLUTION: Based upon the extensive research and analysis we did with our client, we developed a unique, non-conventional sales training program that was totally experiential, rather than instruction-based. Using challenging, real-world case studies and industry experts playing customers, we created a "full immersion learning experience" around simulated sales calls. We developed one of the industry's most comprehensive evaluation, analysis, and coaching systems to boost the performance of even their most successful sales people.
IMPACT: The training program was a hit among the senior-level participants and top management and was expanded to include the entire sales group. The effect was increased revenue generation brought on by both improved skills and new innovative sales techniques that closed bigger and more deals.
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