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Who cares what we do? We only care about the results that we deliver -- how we help our clients to exceed their goals, solve their problems or help them supercharge their operations and financial performance through our innovative services. It's all about the positive impact we make on their short-and long-term results.

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  Change management & innovation the FUN way!
  Closing a huge, strategically vital deal
  Advanced sales training for top producers
  A multimedia "Company Story" presentation
  Value proposition strongly differentiated client
  Sales conference keynote speech & activities
  A supervisor's self-paced training program  
  Executive coaching to win over Board of Directors

 Energizing and Productive Keynote Speeches and Activities for an Annual Sales Conference
SITUATION: A subsidiary of a West Coast Fortune 100 company was having their annual sales conference. They wanted to have a day of learning and skills development combined with fun activities. They wanted a mixture of sales training (value selling, negotiation, and presenting skills) that would help their sales force to boost their overall performance. The challenge for us was to build their skills, rivet the large group's attention, and motivate them to excel.
SOLUTION: We created three dynamic training modules driven by entertaining presentations. We designed custom case studies, fun and enlightening brainteasers and exercises where teams/individuals competed for prizes. Ray Anthony masterfully facilitated the session throughout the day with energy, excitement and humor.
IMPACT: Client received a cost-effective way for supervisors to be trained to improve their management and leadership skills thoroughly and quickly. Supervisors enjoyed learning from the imaginatively designed program with all its effective on-the-job reference tools.
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